Work and life balance

Yesterday I finished the winter OCR race, which is my first step in this year's sports goals I set for myself. 🔥

This is one of few things, next to photography which helps me stay sane. I spent multiple years chasing my professional goals at the cost of everything else. I'm happy with where I am and don't regret that time - my profession is also my life passion.

But few events in my life showed me the world has more to offer than coding, professional books, conferences, empowerment, leadership, and new technologies.

A few years ago, I was 90% into my career. Today it's still my passion, but I don't chase it no matter what. Rather than blindly running towards the CTO position (my goal from years ago), I focus on goals related to family, wellbeing, health, sport, and hobbies.

It's interesting how these things are interconnected. Taking care of my wellbeing helps me become a better professional. I feel better. I can deal with stress better. Mind-reset button makes me more creative, patient, and distant.

Today I'm not just a geek or manager. I'm also a loving father and husband, sports amateur, thinker, and photographer. And I see people in people. Not just engineers, leaders, and professionals.

This helps a lot with being a better leader - for my teammates, but also for myself.