What you should expect from a Software Engineer

Supporting your teammates' growth and planning goals requires a tailored approach. Yet, there's a foundational concept that underlies my work with every software engineer.

According to Wikipedia, a software engineer is someone who applies software engineering principles to design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software.

Design entails crafting a blueprint for software architecture and its interface (UI, API etc.). Apart from technical skills, it demands a deep understanding of the product, customers, and business.

Development goes beyond coding; it encompasses a commitment to quality (including unit testing) and timely delivery. It's essential to remember that you're building a product, not just writing code.

Testing assumes various forms, including performance, data integrity, end-to-end system, and individual component tests (functional, contract). Additionally, product-focused testing, such as usability and user testing, plays a vital role in influencing the delivery speed and end-product quality.

Maintenance involves short-term post-launch tasks and long-term ownership responsibilities. Software is like a living organism that requires ongoing care - from fixing and updating to extending and monitoring.

Evaluation revolves around ensuring engineers comprehend the product they're building. It includes behavioral analysis and assessing their contributions to the company's KPIs, mission, strategy, and their impact on growth, expansion, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

For a deeper dive into the nuances of these responsibilities, check out the full blog post that explores Wikipedia's definition here.

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