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Welcome to Practical Engineering Management! I'm Mirek, and I'm excited to have you join our community of ambitious engineering leaders.

Practical Engineering Management is all about turning inspiration into action. As someone who has led engineering teams for years, I understand the gap between theory and practice. I've been there – inspired by great ideas but wondering how to put them into motion.

Articles and materials 

That's where PEM comes in. The focus goes to practical implementations. No long-winded theories, just actionable steps you can use right away. You'll learn how to empower your team, build trust, maximize results, and understand the value you deliver to the organization.

Here's long-form content I recommend starting with:

You can read more on PEM's blog. I also shared tens of short-form "One bites" with pieces of advice for engineering leaders.

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If you decide to become a paid subscriber, you'll get exclusive access to hands-on insights that directly impact your leadership journey:

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Last but not least, I would love to know you better. Just drop me a message on mirek@practicalengineering.management, say "hi" or share with me:

  • Something about yourself
  • What are the challenges ahead of you
  • What kind of help would be the most beneficial for you

Feel free to reach out with any other questions or feedback. Let's make the most of your leadership potential together!

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