Weekend reset

There is no work vs. life. There is one life.

Even though I do my best to work 8am-4pm, work and life spillover are not surprising. I keep thinking about work challenges and wins, I read professional books after hours, and my daily schedule is adjusted to my work schedule.

Spillover's theory says that our attitudes, emotions, skills, and behaviors in one domain flow into the other and vice versa.

Here is one of my ways to fight this monotony. I try to see the world around me from a different perspective. Seeing the city super early morning, during rain, or at totally different hours than I used to see helps me break sameness.

Changing perspective helps evaluate the importance of your challenges. It's esp. helpful if you have many balls in the air, e.g., as a leader or manager.

Here, I've added shots from my city runs from the last few weekends.

These views are SO MUCH DIFFERENT from what I see every day.