Value of Continuous Delivery

The value of continuous delivery is not the number of releases per day but the opportunities it brings. As stated in a quote: "the goal for continuous delivery is to make it safe and economic to work in small batches".

Higher quality and shorter lead time are outcomes of continuous delivery.
You deliver things faster, so you can test more.
You deliver smaller things, so there are fewer places to make mistakes.

Testing product hypotheses becomes cheaper, so you can do more experiments.
This leads to faster learning about customers.
And this leads to delivering more value in a shorter time.

Continuous delivery is about delivering change or value to customers safely, quickly, and in a sustainable way.

Continuous delivery is not about delivering x things per day but about being able to do that. If you deliver once a week because this is your SDLC limitation, it's entirely different from delivering once a week because you choose to do so.