Track your goals with Google Colaboratory, Sheets, and Looker Studio

Examples of solutions to track your KPIs, goals, key results, and other metrics with Google Colaboratory, Sheets, Looker Studio, and others.

This article is part of a series: Practical solutions to track your goals.

The idea is to build a simple solution within less than a day, which is easy to maintain but doesn't necessarily scale well. If, as an engineering leader, you don't have progress-tracking solutions already in your toolset, this project should be enough to start working with many, if not the majority, of goals that require some tracking.

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In this article, we will build a solution to help you track data exposed by REST endpoints.

To do that, we will create a simple API client in Python, which transforms JSON data into a table (Pandas DataFrame) and saves it in a CSV file or directly into Google Sheets. The code will be implemented as a Python Notebook and hosted on Google Colaboratory.

Here's the high-level scheme of this solution:

When building the code, we will also get some support from ChatGPT, which should be able to bootstrap the project (or even create 100% of it) for us.