By 2030 tech talent shortage will reach 4 million unfilled positions

Even though we experienced massive layoffs in tech in 2023, we should consider the big picture. The tech talent shortage is going nowhere and may reach 4 million unfilled positions in 2030, according to KornFerry (check their Global Talent Crunch report).

It'll be a big challenge for engineering leaders a) to find people for their teams and b) to find the right people.

We must create as many talent-sourcing opportunities as possible, like better employer branding or internships.

An internship isn't only a good sourcing opportunity but also a stretch:

  • for the team (they need to be good mentors),
  • for tech stack (it needs to be easy to learn and bugs-proof)
  • for you as leader of low experienced people

Interns are also THE BEST candidates for Junior Software Engineers. While still relatively low-skilled, they have the will to grow and the domain knowledge they learned during an internship.

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Engineering internship - checklists, templates
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