Navigating the Future of Productivity: Slack State of Work 2023 report

For those seeking what productivity means in today’s world, there is a great report from Slack - State Of Work 2023.

We still learn how to thrive in a post-pandemic, hybrid work model, with the fear of recession ahead of us. And the report brings some good ideas and numbers to support us during this journey.

1) 63% of desk workers make an effort to keep their status active online, yet top-down monitoring does not necessarily increase productivity, as there is no direct correlation between performative work and measurable gains in output.

2) Yet still 27% of leaders use visibility and activity metrics to measure productivity. Individual contributors prefer to be measured not by the input, but by what they produce - KPIs, achieving goals, quality of their work.

3) The most productive employees are 65% more likely to automate their workflows, resulting in a greater sense of well-being and more impact at work. They save an average of 3.5 or more hours per week through automations.

4) My comment - now mix 2) and 3) and stop expecting them to work hard, but smart. Give them goals, show how big an impact they may have, and help them be less busy while producing greater results.

5) Only 27% of companies are investing in AI to drive high productivity, despite employees who have adopted AI at work being 90% more likely to report high productivity.

6) Leaders who prioritize automations are 71% more likely to exceed manager expectations.

7) Those who see themselves less productive today, say they experience too many meetings and emails; feel unsupported by their manager; has no access to effective tools; grapple with information silos.

8) Those who see themselves as more productive today say they: have a choice which meeting to attend; save time with automations; have access to historical knowledge with full transparency; embrace flexible work.

9) 90% of those who feel more productive are also more confident in their ability to hitting their goals.

10 Productive workers tend to work in organizations with higher tech adoption and flexibility in when and where they work. Factors like happiness, engagement, transparent communication, and understanding the company's mission impact performance.

Link to report:

The State of Work in 2023
A new global survey by Slack highlights the many obstacles to productivity facing desk workers today—and the new, better ways leaders can support them