Practical solutions to track your goals

Examples of solutions to track your KPIs, goals, key results, and other metrics. Sheets, Cloud Functions, BigQuery, Looker Studio, and others.

As an engineering leader, you need a solution to track some of your goals, KPIs, and other metrics. If the data stack is mature in your organization, you have all tools and dashboards available for you. Just pick relevant data, charts, and filters and visualize it for yourself and the team.

But if you need to set up progress tracking from scratch, here you can find some example implementations. The idea is to build a simple solution within less than a day, which is easy to maintain but doesn't necessarily scale well. If, as an engineering leader, you don't have progress-tracking solutions already in your toolset, this project should be enough to start working with many, if not the majority, of goals that require some tracking.

If you are looking only for inspiration, take a look at the blog post: Simple data tracking solutions for engineering leaders.

Simple data tracking solutions for engineering leaders
Build your first data dashboards within <60mins

In this material, I'll show step-by-step how to build dashboards and data tracking solutions.

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