🤖 Practical Engineering Management ChatGPT

ChatGPT trained on PEM's data will help you with your leadership challenges

🤖 Practical Engineering Management ChatGPT

If you have a specific challenge you face as an engineering leader, you can ask specialized ChatGPT which can help you with a piece of actionable advice. PEM's GPT offers guidance based on successful practices from influential leadership sources. It is always trained with all the materials published on Practical Engineering Management and PEM's blog.

Give it a try here: Practical Engineering Management ChatGPT.

The PEM's GPT is still in its learning phase, so feel free to share your feedback.

ChatGPT - Practical Engineering Management
I’ll help you build empowered engineering teams and become influential leader

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If GPT is not enough for you, please contact me at mirek@practicalengineering.management for a discussion. I'm happy to share my experiences and relevant materials or discuss your feedback and ideas.