⭐️ The mission

⭐️ The mission

Practical Engineering Management aims to make great ideas happen through empowered engineering leadership.

Support for Engineering Leaders

The 1st level managers - Tech Leaders, Engineering Managers, Product Managers, or Team Leaders are the most important roles in the company.

Their very difficult job is to mix hands-on experience with strategic thinking. They combine knowledge about products, business, and technology. They translate long-term objectives into day-to-day tasks. No one is closer to customers. They have the power to deliver features straight to their hands.

Organization's success depends very directly on these first-level people managers. Yet, too often, they are left without support. Practical Engineering Management helps to get up to speed with engineering leadership. All materials here are immediately applicable to the manager's day-to-day duties.

There are leadership practices I proved working while managing software engineers. Now I want to scale up my impact. I want to help you become a better engineering leader.

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