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Materials on this page will help you become an influential and self-confident engineering leader.

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Leader's Week

Course and printable materials which will help maximizing your weekly impact

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Thanks to this framework

You will maximize the value of every single week of your work: 

  • You will learn to focus on the right things and plan your week.

  • You will learn to pick initiatives that generate the most value for you, your team, and the company.

  • You will become an effective leader who will earn trust to gain more autonomy and ownership in future projects.

  • You will fully understand your potential and the value you bring to the organization, which will help you build your self-confidence.

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First Ten 1:1s for Engineering Leaders

The workbook with practical hints to walk you through your first ten 1:1 sessions with your teammates

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Thanks to this workbook:

  • You will feel more confident as an engineering leader and ensure that these sessions are your and your teammates' most valuable time within a week.

  • You will build your position in the organization as an influential leader thanks to achieving your goals and growing your teammates.

  • You will become an inspiring leader for your teammates, help them perform better, get a promotion, and reach their potential.

  • You will build professional and personal relationships with your teammates.

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Practical solutions to track your goals

Examples of solutions to track your KPIs, goals, key results, and other metrics. Google Sheets, Cloud Functions, BigQuery, Looker Studio, and others.

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Thanks to these materials:

  • You will build the first data dashboards for your goals within a few hours.

  • With dashboards, you will show the true value you and your team generate over time.

  • Dashboards will help your team to focus on the right things and understand their impact and performance.

  • Dashboards will help you to be in control of the outcomes you generate. Thanks to understanding it, you can navigate through your work, prioritize the right initiatives, and pivot faster.

Product Analytics for Engineering Leaders

To Own Your Product, You Must Understand How It's Being Used

Thanks to these materials, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the company’s value behind the product you build.

  • Align your technical actions with customer needs and the way they use your product.

  • Become an influential and conscious leader who will earn trust to gain more autonomy and ownership in future projects.

  • You will build better relationships with other departments, like Product, Marketing, Operations, or Business.

The Problem-Solving Framework

Define your problem before jumping into immediate solutions.

Thanks to these materials, you will:

  • Gain clarity in problem definition, enhancing your decision-making process.

  • Develop critical thinking skills, with a focus on questioning assumptions and considering multiple perspectives.

  • Align your actions with broader goals and purpose, fostering strategic thinking.

  • Adapt and respond effectively to feedback and changing circumstances in problem-solving.

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Engineering internship - checklists, templates

Materials and templates to get up to speed with the engineering leadership program.

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Benefits of running engineering internship programs:

  • Grow your future employees. Train people to become professional software engineers who will stay with you after a program ends.

  • Stretch your current team. Engineers must learn how to transfer their knowledge to less skilled peers. They will improve their interview skills too.

  • Stretch your tech stack.  Interns will test your tech stack and SDLC processes. You will see how easily a low-skilled person can contribute to a project. Or how easy it is to break things 

  • Become a better leader. Leading people at the beginning of their careers is challenging. Very often, these people need to learn more than just technical skills. They need to know how to work with the team, communicate effectively, what’s the difference between delivering value vs. delivering code, and how to acknowledge and work with feedback.