Notebook and meetings

If you are a leader, your work starts with a great notebook 📒🖊️. I really mean it. Make sure you have good quality paper and pen, so you can write without any distractions whenever you need to do that.

Let's take 1:1s as an example. Whenever your boss writes something that you've just said, it feels important to him, doesn't it?

Why no laptop and a note-taking app? A laptop is a wall between you and them. Do you want them to see your notes? Or do you want them to see the back of your computer? Neither way is a good one.

Also, for sure, you will forget to mute your notifications. Your chat messages or alerts will keep you and them distracted. If the message you received is top secret (like your partner sending you a grocery list 😂), it's even worse.

And don't think of getting to the meeting without a notebook! 1:1 means you must actively listen to them.

You won't remember everything they say. After 1:1 ends, in your head, you will have maybe 20-50% of everything they told you.

Active listening also means no interruptions. How to memorize all the important things you need to follow up on? Write keywords.

A notebook doesn't hold you from amazing note-taking apps and reminders. A notebook is an excellent source of information to digitize.
In your time, with selectiveness and peace of mind.