No win is too small to celebrate

You and your team should celebrate every single accomplishment.
There is no such thing as a too-small win.

When working with engineers, I very often hear:

  • "This is a too simple thing to share."
  • "It was so obvious, not worth mentioning."
  • "There is nothing to write/talk about."

We tend to reject moments of pride from our small wins.

It's funny because many of these things were:

  • "too hard",
  • "too complex",
  • "out of reach",
  • "I don't know",
  • "need to think about it",
  • "It's not for us".

...only a few weeks/months ago.

I have to admit it's satisfying to remind engineers that the things they called "too hard", now becomes "too simple to share".

Today this is my story.

A few months ago, I set the goal to "earn the first 1 USD on a digital product". Recently I made my first 100 USD, with no consulting and no dedicated 1:1 hour spent.

Yet it took me some time to share this news publicly, as my inner critic kept asking if this was really such a big thing to celebrate.

F*&k yeah, it is! 🚀
Long road ahead of me, but I've just made 0 -> 1 step. 🚀🚀🚀

What's the recent accomplishment you are proud of but decided not to celebrate even with a simple high-five 🙏 or 15-minute moment of reflection?