No budget for training? Buy a book

Your company is running out of money for trainings or conferences? Buy your people great book(s). Read it first, extract concepts you want to share with them, and give the book to them. 📖

Don't have a budget for that too? What about sparing 10-50$ from your salary for that? Treat it as an investment that can pay off long term. In the end, their success is your success.

Book gift is a great inspiration and a way to show that you care and to share your gratitude. It's also a great way to direct your team's attention to important challenges ahead of us.

Of course, you cannot expect them to read it, but this is how the entire leader's work looks - you focus on maximizing success. Maybe they won't read it, or maybe they'll read 30% of it. Perhaps they'll come back to it later in the journey. You risk a few bucks, yet the return can be significant.

Bonus point - you will be surprised by how different can be their interpretation of book concepts vs. yours. Take it as another learning opportunity.