My first 1:1 sessions

I remember my first 1:1 sessions with engineers. They were stressful!

I worried about...

What to say?
And what they think.
And how to fight silence.
And how not to make this meeting awkward.
And what's so important is to take 1 hour of their time.

My teammates were stressed too - some thought I wanted to fire them (because what's the other reason for talking with them on private 1:1 sessions?)

Today, I'm sure a 1:1 is the most important tool for leaders.

It's a meeting where:

  • Forge Personal Bonds: Build a real connection.
  • Boost Trust & Safety: Cultivate a safe space.
  • Unleash Potential: Help teammates soar.
  • Reiterate Support: Show you've got their back.
  • Chart the Course: Set clear expectations.
  • Competence Growth: Elevate their skills.
  • Performance Prep: No surprises at reviews.
  • Prepare for More: Get ready for promotions and new roles.

Running your 1:1 sessions isn't an easy thing. Practical Engineering Management is here to help you.

Check the "First Ten 1:1s for Engineering Leaders".

Thanks to this workbook:

  • You will feel more confident as an engineering leader and ensure that these sessions are your and your teammates' most valuable time within a week.
  • You will build your position in the organization as an influential leader thanks to achieving your goals and growing your teammates.
  • You will become an inspiring leader for your teammates, help them perform better, get a promotion, and reach their potential.
  • You will build professional and personal relationships with your teammates.