My first 1:1 sessions

I remember my first 1:1 sessions with engineers.

It was stressful! 😬
About what to say.
And what they think.
And how to fight silence.
And how not to make this meeting awkward.
And what's so important to take 1 hour of their time.

And my teammates were stressed because they thought I wanted to fire them (because what's the other reason for talking with them on private 1:1 sessions?!?)

Today I'm sure a 1:1 is the most important tool for leaders.

It's a meeting where:

  • you build a personal relationship.
  • you build confidence and psychological safety.
  • you unleash and help to reach a teammate's potential.
  • you express that you are there to help over and over again.
  • you show and execute a plan (for growth, work, expectations, etc.).
  • you help reach competence (expectations for teammate’s role and level).
  • you prepare you both for the performance review process without surprises.
  • you prepare your teammate for promotion, a new role, or a new responsibility.

Starting 1:1 sessions isn't an easy thing.

Soon I will publish the "First Ten 1:1s" workbook, which will help you to drive these sessions with confidence and make them the most valuable weekly meeting for you and your teammates.

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