Leader's Week - how to maximize your weekly impact

Leader's Week helps with maximizing value of every single week of your work.

One of the most essential things for engineering leaders is effective time management. With multiple priorities, many people, and a tech stack under their leadership, capturing the actual outcome of the work can be challenging.

Leader's Week will help with that. Thanks to this framework, you will maximize the value of every single week of your work. 

  • You will learn to focus on the right things and plan your week.
  • You will learn to pick initiatives that generate the most value for you, your team, and the company.
  • You will become an effective leader who will earn trust to gain more autonomy and ownership in future projects.
  • You will fully understand your potential and the value you bring to the organization, which will help you build your self-confidence.

Leader's Week in practice

The idea behind Leader's Week is simple. Focus on a single week - plan these days properly at the beginning and sum up the work at the end.

One week is small enough to plan it precisely and big enough to generate value. Leader's Week framework will help you with that.

Leader's Week comes in the form of a multi-step course. You can read it at once or split it into learning batches. Each page will give you the context behind why you should work in a particular way. 

At the end of the course, you will get downloadable content - templates you can use to plan each of your weeks. You will get both:

  • Digital version (Google Doc template, Markdown file, MS Word template)
  • Printable PDF

Table of Contents