I don't plan on Sundays

I don't plan my workweek on Sunday. And it seems to be an unpopular opinion in leaders' communities.

I plan my week on Fridays before I finish my work or early morning Mondays.

It wasn't always like this. There were times I was super excited about my job and times when I felt burnt out. But no matter my mood, I started drifting away at some point on Sunday, and my thoughts went into what was ahead of me. Challenges, incoming wins, 1:1s, product launches, whatever.

And it made me absent "here and now". Sunday afternoon was like a ticking clock. Anxiety often hit me, and I wasted a few hours, which I could use for whatever I wanted.

Recently I celebrate weekends to the fullest. Bouldering with my daughter 🧗, late afternoon run 🏃‍♂️🌙, or city walks with my mirrorless camera 🌃📸.

Each photo I posted was taken precisely that time - Sunday late afternoon. The time that wasn't available for me because I was planning what's next at work the day after.