How I progress and achieve my goals

Here is my pattern for progressing and achieving goals.

Today I've finished another OCR run—the longest one in my life - 13km.
And I did 100% of the 50 obstacles.

Next stop - +21km / 70 obstacles on trail&OCR run.

Seven months ago, I barely did 6km.
And I accomplished ~80% of the obstacles.

I thought I would never do 13km at that time and didn't even dream about 21km.
But I fell in love with OCR runs.
So I did goal planning exactly like I do at my professional job.

Each quarter I planned something that was out of my immediate reach.
So I stimulated my growth.

But It's also not that far, to not demotivate me too early.
I just needed to push a little bit harder, be more creative, and stay determined.
And within the next few weeks, my out-of-reach goals become a reality.

I call it "120% goals".

They push me out of my comfort zone, but they are also close enough so that I can accomplish them quickly, enjoy the victory and keep moving on.

So this is how I am going to finish the +21km race, through mountains, with +70 obstacles. Something I couldn't even imagine in the last year.

I'll reach this dream exactly how I build software, lead teams, and achieve my other goals.

Madman obstacle - one of the hardest ones for me on OCR runs

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