Busy doesn't mean better: the role of a good manager

As a manager, it's common to feel overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities. However, being constantly busy isn't a sign of effective management. Here's why:

  1. Availability Matters: One of your key duties is to be available for your team. They should feel comfortable approaching you with any problems they encounter. If they perceive you as too busy with other "important" matters, it can hinder communication.
  2. Support and Guidance: Your role involves providing support, giving context, and actively listening to your team. Help them achieve their goals, as their success directly contributes to yours.
  3. Balancing Act: Sometimes, your job is about shaping long-term strategies, while other times, it's about being there for a quick conversation when someone needs to be heard.

Being a good manager means balancing tasks and availability to support your team's success.

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Work smart, not hard - facing the culture of busyness
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