Accelerating product development and elevating quality - core objectives for tech companies

The most important objective for any tech company contains two critical elements: accelerating product development and elevating product quality.

Tech companies often immerse themselves in the present, focusing on swiftly delivering specific features while neglecting the broader perspective.

Yet, more than these quick wins, what truly matters is the speed at which a company can iterate over its product and deliver new value, which accelerates growth, enables expansions, decreases costs, or improves customer satisfaction. Very rarely, such things are achieved within the product's first version.

Therefore, work on functionalities must also include platform work. Even if these improvements seem marginal, such as fixing a single bug, addressing a warning, or automating a solitary task, their cumulative impact is substantial.

When teams tackle individual features, a shift in perspective can be invaluable:

Rather than merely crafting a feature, envision building a platform that exposes the anticipated functionality.

The ultimate objective isn't the feature itself; it's creating a better platform that paves the way for faster iterations over many features.

This approach may not always be straightforward, but the rewards are undeniable. Rapid iterations translate into quicker responses to customer feedback and market signals, ultimately fostering the growth of the product's value proposition.