Assess accomplishments, not responsibilities

Q2/2023 has only started, and many of us are still ~3 months away from the Performance Reviews process.

Yet it's already a good time to think of how you will assess your teammates.

If you do regular 1:1s with constant feedback and discussions about expectations, goals alignment, achievements and lessons, you are fine. Performance reviews should bring no surprises.

If not, start practicing this. 👇
Assess accomplishments, not responsibilities.

So when your teammate does self-assessment, rather than this:

"I did a great job, because I was responsible for..."

  • hiring
  • testing and quality
  • software architecture
  • building new features
  • teammates onboarding

Expect them to come with that:

"I did a great job, because I..."

  • Improved quality from x to y
  • Hired high-performing team member
  • Built architecture that helps with parallelizing work
  • Helped new teammate to push new change within 7 days

Ideally, accomplishment should come with the outcome too:

  • ...improved processes so that we can deliver to our customers more frequently
  • ...increased code coverage, so we have fewer production bugs
  • ...fixed critical issues, so the conversion rate is x% higher
  • ...improved pipelines so that we can deploy x faster