5 Characteristics of a high-performing team leader

5 Characteristics of a high-performing team leader, according to the book Accelerate.

Visionary, inspirational communication, intellectual stimulation, supportive leadership, personal recognition.

Visionary - do you have a plan for the next 2-5-11 months (the rest quarter, half-a-year or year)? Are you on track toward these goals? If not progressing, what's new you have discovered? Did you talk at least once with your team about these plans?

Vision is even more than that. You should understand where the organization is heading in the next few years and how do you contribute to that. But first, let's assess the next few months if you haven't done it yet.

Inspirational communication - did you make your teammates proud of what they do? If bad thing happened, did you present it as an opportunity? Do you bring or drain energy when meeting people?

Intellectual stimulation - did you challenge your teammates to do something more/better/differently? Did you encourage them to rethink any of old problems in new way? Did you shared (not forced!) your ideas for their problems?

Supportive leadership - what did you do to support your teammates? How did you present you care about their growth, but also feelings and personal needs?

Personal recognition - how many times did you personaly give praises or acknowledge achievements? Have you said "great job" at least once in relevant situation?