1 out of 3 IT students aspire to solve problems

Link to the survey: https://developernation.net/resources/reports/state-of-the-developer-nation-q3-2022

According to Developer Nation Community survey, 1 out of 3 IT students aspires to solve problems.

Think of it when planning career growth for your interns and junior engineers. Support them in becoming independent professionals who use their potential to the fullest rather than becoming your copy and/or task executors.

The role of technology in a product company is to solve customers’ problems.

You need people who solve problems, not the ones who follow your orders.

One of the great ideas can be organizing an internship program in your company. You can do it with Practical Engineering Management materials. Just check: Engineering internship - checklists, templates.

Engineering internship - checklists, templates
Materials and templates to get up to speed with the engineering leadership program. The content results from multiple years of running or advising engineering internship programs.

Benefits of running engineering internship programs:

  • Grow your future employees. Train people to become professional software engineers who will stay with you after a program ends.
  • Stretch your current team. Engineers must learn how to transfer their knowledge to less skilled peers. They will improve their interview skills too.
  • Stretch your tech stack.  Interns will test your tech stack and SDLC processes. You will see how easily a low-skilled person can contribute to a project. Or how easy it is to break things 
  • Become a better leader. Leading people at the beginning of their careers is challenging. Very often, these people need to learn more than just technical skills. They need to know how to work with the team, communicate effectively, what’s the difference between delivering value vs. delivering code, and how to acknowledge and work with feedback.